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  • Common Air Conditioner Problems

    Reasons why your air conditioner is not working properly Like all electric appliances, air conditioners require regular maintenance to remain reliable. They are definitely a ...

  • Is air conditioning an energy efficient heating option?

    Thankfully south east Queensland has short, mild winters compared with many areas of Australia but we still have times when the mercury drops and wearing all your clothes becomes impractical. Keeping the chill from your home on cold winter nights can mean a signific...

  • Pros & cons of split system air conditioning

    Choosing a climate control system for your home or business means weighing up the pros and cons of all options. For instance, you might consider alternatives such as ducted air conditioning, ceiling fans, split system air conditioning, and evaporative cooling system...

  • What are the parts in a split system air conditioner?

    Split system air conditioners , as the name implies, are split into two units, one located outside of the building and one in the room you wish to cool or hea...

  • What size air conditioner do I need?

    When looking at all the air conditioners on the market these days, we understand it can be a little bit of an overwhelming task to figure out which is best for your needs. Large, portable, small, re...

  • Aircon leaking water - why?

    Is your aircon leaking water and you just aren't sure why? You'll be happy to know, you're not alone and there are ways it can be fixed. Take a read of the following for some tips, tricks and things...

  • 7 Benefits of a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

    Want to stay warm this winter? Brisbane can get sweltering hot and muggy during summers. But also freezing cold during winters. Especially during morning and night time. Heaters, firepits and blankets are great options. However, an

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