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Daikin Split System Air Conditioner

Supply & installation of Daikin split system aircon

Hanson Electric is an authorised Daikin Air Conditioning dealer for residential and commercial needs throughout Brisbane. Our air conditioning technicians are trained and qualified to install the full range of Daikin split systems. As we are the authorised Daikin dealers, we are qualified to advise you on the best Daikin aircon suited for your home or office. To request a free quote for a Daikin split system or multi-split system personalised to your needs, get in contact with Hanson Electrical today.


Benefits of Daikin split system air conditioners

  • High energy efficiency - The US7 Split system is Australia’s first 7-star rated air conditioner designed to deliver ultimate comfort to your home.
  • Intelligent eye feature - Switches to energy saving mode when the room is unoccupied for 20 minutes.
  • Air Purification - Purifies air and removes allergens, odours, microbes and pollutants using Titanium apatite deodorising air purification filter traps. Daikin split systems are the only air conditioners that carry the blue butteryfly symbol and are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program.
  • R32 refrigerant - Daikin air conditioners use R32 refrigerant which has higher energy efficiency and reduced global warming potential factor.
  • WiFi Capability - many Daikin split systems comes with Wi-Fi capability for convenience.
  • Rapid Cooling - Innovative Coanda airflow for rapid cooling and uniform temperature distribution.
Daikin Split System Installation Brisbane

Daikin Split System Air Conditioners

Daikin offers a wide range of elegantly designed, intelligent and efficient split system air conditioners suitable for small to large sized rooms. They come in a range of capacity from 2kW to 9.4kW. We provide installation for all Daikin split systems like:

  • US7
  • Zena
  • Alira
  • Cora
  • Lite Systems
  • Floor Standing
Daikin Split System Indoor Unit

Daikin Multi Split System

Daikin multi-split systems are designed to heat or cool large spaces using only one outdoor unit. They can heat or cool 2-9 rooms with individual control of temperature in each room. The Daikin multi-split range includes:

  • VRV IV-S
  • Super Multi NX(R32)
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Book Installation of Daikin Split Systems

If you are after Daikin authorised dealers that provide professional and reliable services at great prices, give us a call on 0456 478 029 or complete our online enquiry form.


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